Do we really own our data, collections and memories in the massive Social Network era?

There was a lot of fuss recently regarding the Snowden revalati0ns about the true extend of the NSA surveillance, having heavily infiltrate public Social Networks and Cloud providers infrastructures. It seems that most of us somehow cared about it, about their communications and data privacy. But while the questions of privacy in the online world, are valid the ghost of a probably even more important question looms over our Digital Life: do we really fully own our data (in fact the digital fragments of our memories) in the era of massive social networks? Can we export, share and use them, as we like, outside the platform that were firstly shared ? Can our data be seperated from the ad serving, intensly data mining platform, it usually hosts them? Are we the turkeys in a turkey game?

We tend to continuously log, blog, upload, post, tweet our lives to a small or large audience, but the question in matter is, will these data be with us, in our full ownership, for the next years to come? Or they are locked and tied together with the fate of the Social Network and site hosting them? And while the demise of Facebook seems improbable (is it really?) its change on Terms and Conditions are all that much probable.

The essentially question is: do you truly own, your own data?

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