Looking for a multiplatform C#, Xmpp client library, for Windows, ASP.Net, Mono, Android, built over the latest technologies, easy to extend and with flexible licensing terms, allowing usage in both open source and closed source projects? Sharp.Xmpp is here!

Sharp.Xmpp supports IM functionality & a variety of XMPP extensions, is simple and is extensively tested against Android Xamarin. It is a fork of the currently frozen excellent S22.Xmpp project. Sharp.Xmpp is mature enough, and it is already used by a couple of production grade projects, one of each being the Momentum.IM small social network app. 

Sharp.Xmpp implements the XMPP Core and XMPP IM specifications providing the basic XMPP instant messaging (IM) and presence functionality. In addition, the library offers support for most of the optional protocol extensions. The following features are supported:

  • SASL Authentication (PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5, and SCRAM-SHA-1)
  • User Avatars
  • The very best implementation of SOCKS5 and In-Band File-Transfer.
  • In-Band Registration
  • User Mood
  • User Tune
  • User Activity
  • Simplified Blocking
  • API designed to be very easy to use
  • Well documented with lots of example code
  • Free to use in commercial and personal projects (MIT License)

Sharp.Xmpp extends S22.Xmpp by offering:

  • XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars
  • XEP-0280: Message Carbons, contributed by Ignacio Nicolás Rodríguez
  • DNS XMPP SRV records lookup
  • Improved file transfer API
  • Much improved detection of connection and disconnection events.
  • Xamarin Android tested

Join the effort at https://github.com/pgstath/Sharp.Xmpp/,  contact me for any further information or meet me at the Real Time devroom at FOSDEM 2016.